Westoil Marine Services

Westoil Marine Services is the marine transportation and services business based in Long Beach, California. WMS was started in 1998 when HMS purchased the assets of Links Marine. Safety for employees and protection of the environment is job number one at Westoil. The company has extensive safety programs and systems that ensure a safe environment for the care and custody of cargo. While Westoil's policies far exceeds the state and federal requirements, WMS is constantly looking for better, safer ways to transport petroleum and other cargoes.

WMS specializes in the bunkering and dirty petroleum transportation business. WMS is fully committed to 100% customer satisfaction. Westoil is there to do the job right the first time, every time. This includes job planning, pricing, operations, paperwork, and documentation. When you select Westoil for your marine transportation needs, you will receive a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on every aspect of every job.

Barge List & Pictures

Barge Name Region GRT LOA Beam Built 95% Capacity (BBLS.) Pictures Spec Sheet
Anne Elizabeth Los Angeles 2746 241 64.5 2010 31,887
Bernie Briere Los Angeles 2724 241 64.5 2009 31,888
Dale Frank Jr Los Angeles 4170 289 78 2011 51,805
David Fanning Los Angeles 2724 241 64.5 2008 32,448
HMS 2608 Los Angeles 1741 275.25 54 2010 21,698
Lily Blair Los Angeles 2724 241 64.5 2009 32,448

Tug List & Pictures

Tug Name Region Service Class HP Type LOA Beam Pictures Spec Sheet
No Tugs Found